The PE department have organised a sponsored event using the Strava app to raise funds for the PTA.
The aim is to raise money for the school while also promoting mental and physical wellbeing. This event
will be a 4-week challenge running from Monday 23 November until Thursday 17 December 2020.

Your child will be encouraged to run, walk, or cycle as many miles as possible within this timeframe, and
sponsorships and donations would be really appreciated. There are no expectations of how much is given.

This event will also be a part of the annual house competition. Each house will have its own ‘club’ on Strava, and pupils and staff will be encouraged to join the club of their relevant house

“Our cumulative aim as a school is to cover the 3827km to the North Pole – which is fitting with the run-up to Christmas.”

The house that has the greatest cumulative number of miles at the end of the 4 weeks will win, securing the highest number of house points. As well as the competition between houses there will be individual prizes, including Nike vouchers and house points that will be given to the pupils who complete the greatest number of miles within each house.
Updates on the progress will be posted on the school Twitter page and on the notice board outside the
Chemistry classroom S2.